Need To Increase Low Pressure In A Water System? You May Need A Pressure Boosting System

Even if the pressure from your mains network is correct, in some instances by the time the water reaches your taps, you may experience low water pressure. There are numerous reasons why this may be happening:the arrangement of your plumbing
the size of the pipes
corrosion in the pipes or appliances
leaks in your supply pipes
demand for water supplyIf you have checked for leaks and corrosion and this is not evident, you may require a pressure boosting system which works by increasing the low pressure within a water system in order to achieve the correct water flow and pressure.Pressure boosting systems should be efficientConventional types of pressure boosting systems have been criticised for being non-efficient. Such traditional methods worked with the pumps running at full speed, and then the water being stored in a large pressure tank to be distributed when needed. More sophisticated and contemporary systems have built in flow and pressure sensors resulting in high energy savings.Different types of pressure boosting systemsConsidering how big your need and application for the pressure boosting system will determine the type of system that you require:Single pump systems – ideal for those small applications. So if you require a system for a single house or a small office block, then this is the system for you. It has pressures up to 5 bar and flow rates up to 200 litres/minute
Twin pump systems – for large houses and small apartment blocks
Tank booster systems – there are several pump and tank options that are available. They have been designed for applications when you do not have a lot of space and also so that the installation is easy. This will save time and means that there is minimal disruption on site
Large pressure boosting systems – these sets are available up to 8 pumps and therefore it is designed to suit your requirements
20 bar wash down systems – systems that are suitable for wash down in food factories. There systems can also be completed with immersion heaters and dual pressure options
40 bar wash down systems – includes 6000l water tanks for high pressure applicationsReliable and hygienic pumpsThese systems are effectively tested and robust, so that you are assured a reliable system. In addition to this, the pumps are made out of one hundred percent stainless steel components which are very hygienic because it prevents bacteria from forming. It also avoids water stagnation which will stop the water from moving in your pipes and attract mosquitoes.You no longer need to suffer with low pressure water. If you need a pressure boosting system, do not hesitate any further.