Need To Find Affordable Health Care – Before You Jump, Buyer Beware

When I quit my corporate job and decided to become a full time real estate agent, the first thing that I thought about was the need to find affordable health care as I was no longer covered under a corporate umbrella policy. I had heard horror stories from other real estate agents not having any type of health coverage because they could not afford the extremely high premiums or they didn’t even qualify because of a preexisting condition.I knew that I needed to find affordable health care that had a discount program on services such as hospitalization, diagnostic testing, dentists, surgery, and much more. I wanted a program that created the greatest level of savings in case my family needed hospitalization or any other type of service.Using a medical discount program, I have been able to save a substantial amount of money on such things as routine regular checkups, prescription drugs we have needed and some lab work that was ordered for my son. I was even able to use it when my youngest son needed orthodontic work. I found that many doctors in our area are members as well. There are a number of medical discount programs out there but I found that Qualified Health offered the most coverage for the money.For those of you not familiar with a medical discount program, let me explain that it is not insurance but it offers a great alternative to self employed people that need to find affordable health care outside of traditional insurance plans and through a medical discount program.I have been extremely happy with it and I’ve often times recommended it to other agents needing to find affordable health care as well. The customer service is excellent, my questions are always answered quickly and courteously. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose by checking it out.